Maintenance and some Newbie tips :)

Hey there 🙂 Long time, no blog.

To be honest, the reason I haven’t blogged through maintenance is that it’s been a bit boring.

Staying within a pound of the last days weight from Phase two for the last three weeks was not exactly riveting blog material. But I’ve done it 🙂
I am only a little over what I was when I stopped phase two, and I should be able to correct that amount with one Steak Day. (nb newbies, a steak day is explained here:

Maintenance was a really tough for me. I responded way better to the strictness of the VLCD Phase than I thought I would, and I really enjoyed knowing EXACTLY what to eat, and exactly what NOT to eat. So when it came time for maintenance I felt very unsafe and unsure. I was all over the place with my eating, not really knowing what to do with myself, and terrified of putting the weight back on by accident. After three weeks of restriction, the freedom was too much for me! I went on an internet trawl and found this:
It gave me a very good idea of how to structure my meals and what to eat, and I had so much variety that I was in heaven! I LOVE eating this way, I’m feeling so good!

One quick confession: a couple of days into Maintenance, I cheated. I bought a can of coke and a small bag of chips and a cookie, and I sat in my car like a thieving criminal down a dark alleyway, and I started to eat. Wow, low moment much?
About five chippies and three swigs of coke into my shameful binge, I started feeling sick. Like, really sick. I felt so bad that I couldn’t keep eating. The taste made me feel ill and was no longer enjoyable. The sugar made me nauseous and the chips were way too processed-tasting. The cookie was waxy, chemical-ly and super-sweet. Everything tasted so gross in fact, that I drove to the main street and dumped everything in a bin.
“THANK YOU GOD!!!!” I screamed from my heart! Finally junk food tastes gross! The sugary hit I used to get from Coke just made my taste-buds curl up and cry stop, you’re hurting me! It was a one-time-only foray into the way things were, and it was not good. I confirmed to myself that I never ever ever want to go back there. This diet has changed everything. In such a good way.
I am FREE!

So now I am staring down the face of another loading weekend this weekend, as I am ready to start the next round of drops. And knowing how much I don’t want any of the things on the loading list that I wrote while whinging and whining when I had cravings during my first round of drops, how on earth do I go about stuffing myself like a pig this time???
Well, thanks to HCGCHICA, I have discovered something called ‘clean loading’. I am busy making my menu for that, and will enjoy NOT feeling like crap and NOT re-instituting my sugar and carb addiction, and NOT filling my body with the chemicals that made it fat and sick, on my next load.

Oh- one tip that saved my life on Maintenance- the best chocolate I have ever found- even better than Cadbury Dairy Milk- low calorie, sweetened by Stevia….. I had one a day at night-time with a cup of tea, and felt like a queen indulging herself. Check it out. No sweet cravings, no binging. Just looked forward to one of these each night, and ate the whole. damn. thing.
Thank you Jan, my wonderful fellow hcg-er, who has gone before me!

Here’s to my next round! I’m determined to crack the TEN KILO LOSS mark this time. And I have new clothes all ready picked out to celebrate. Because dang, gotta enjoy the fruit of the labour! And my clothes are already loose on me from last round- they’ll be useless after the next one 🙂


2 thoughts on “Maintenance and some Newbie tips :)

  1. You are amazing. Thanks so much for your inspirational words and your courage to do this and share it. I have lost nearly 4 kilos in 5 days and it is all down to you. I feel great too! Thank you my friend x

    1. Georgi!
      One of my favorite people in town 🙂
      I can’t wait to see you….I’ll bet you are looking even better than you always do.I’m glad you’re feeling great, it’s such a clean diet.
      Thanks for the comment, looks like we’re in this together…

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