A Kick Up The You-Know-What

This is amazing. Robin has an HCG clinic which helps people in their hcg journey.
This video is a sneak-peek into a half-hour consultation which she does with every client before they start the protocol under her mentorship.
Although Robin (weightlossApocalypse on youtube) is very harsh at times in her manner, she speaks a lot of truth. And it’s truth I needed to hear.

This protocol is not for pussies. It is hard work, and you need to be prepared to do it. Even more than that, you need to understand some key things about the world around you (you will always be surrounded by gluttons) and decide now how you’re going to cope with that.

The mental back-side-kicking and then putting-back-together Robin does here is very constructive. And she knows what she’s talking about. She literally wrote the book about HCG dieting- totally updating, critiquing and explaining Dr Simeons initial studies. It’s called Weightloss Apocalypse.
A lot more information and scientific understanding of the HCG protocol has come out since he wrote his book. Even when he wrote it, Dr Simeon admitted that he didn’t know how or why certain things happened the way they did on his programme. That book explains those things and even strengthens the validity of his work, and the success of his protocol.

P.S. Another kilo down 🙂


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