Powering Down….

It seems my blog will be updated every couple of days, instead of every day. That suits me better anyway, as I don’t really have a huge amount to say, and you’d get bored anyway šŸ™‚

So be it.

Im starting to do two things: 1) see a difference in myself, and 2) feel like the honeymoon is over.

1) I’m feeling fantastic, and can see a definite change in my face and arms. That feels good, and is very motivating. I’m dressing better and even painting my nails! That’s funny for me, as I’m usually not all that interested in girly things. But it’s a good indicator that I’m feeling better about myself. When I start wearing make up everyday, that’s when you’ll know I’m totally kicking arse šŸ™‚

2) But yes, the hard stuff has started to become a little more prevalent than I’d like. I’m getting a little obsessive about food, and fantasizing about pigging out. I’m still trying to be super-mum and baking for the kids, which is utter torture. But I don’t want them to miss out, so I am keeping the old routine. The honeymoon is definitely over though, because now I’ve started counting the days until phase 3, so I can eat more- and more variety. So I’m not as in love with you anymore hcg, but you can still keep powering my weight down if you wanna stick around.


Over the last two days I’ve lost another 900grams, and when you’re hooning down through the numbers like that, you are just not allowed to whinge. So today’s blog stops here šŸ™‚


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