And we’re off!

As I had suspected, the stall was very temporary.

The next day I had a 400gm loss, and today another 600gms. So, a kilo in two days.

Im cool with that. 🙂


I’m loving the lack of hunger on this diet, and I’m drinking like a fish. I’ve discovered Alpine Tea (phew!), I’m satisfied with the food I’m eating, and I’m over the moon at the losses.


I’ve collected quite a collection of herbs and flavoured salts so far, and I actually look forward to all of my meals because they taste so great! It’s a wonderful thing to love your food.


However, my dream life betrays me. Last night I dreamt that I pigged out on brown sugar on toast (go figure) and felt so upset with myself that when I woke up and realized that I hadn’t crashed my diet I was quite relieved. Great impetus to continue onwards. I understand that if come off this before 18 days are up, that my hypothalamus won’t reset, and I do not want this whole protocol to be pointless. I want to lose those fat cells forever, and right now they are getting munched away. Forever. (goodbye you little buggers)




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