A stall already?

Yesterday I lost 800grams, and was super-stoked. Almost a kilo! Overnight! Unbelievably amazing weightloss speed. At this rate, I thought, I’ll be fitting my old sexy jeans in a few months! (let’s not mention that my old sexy jeans last fitted me sixteen years ago.)
Oops. 😉

I’m sticking to the protocols like glue (except for maybe a miniscule amount of vegetable oil that my garlic salt says it has in it. But I’ve been using that since the beginning, and I’ve had great losses each day) so it came as a real shock today to find no weight change.
I weighed in at EXACTLY what I weighed yesterday. I have my period today, so I’m guessing that must be it. My friend says I’ll probably find a good loss tomorrow, but I’m really not expecting much for the next week during this time. Keeping expectations low here. 🙂
If I stick to the protocol, then by the end of my period I should see a big drop that will get me to where I would have been anyway.
Flippin’ bloating 😦

I’ve forgotten to take my drops twice before meals today alone, and had to take them fifteen minutes afterwards. Must remember this! I get so busy looking after the kids that it’s hard to judge when 15 minutes before my lunch might be. One hundred and one interruptions can happen between making PB&J’s and actually starting on my own food.
So I’ve misjudged and even forgotten because of it. But i havent missed any yet, and i know I’ll get better.

Hopes are still high, and right now I weigh less than I did before I went away for Christmas. And that is very cool.

Just. Keep. Going.


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