Two Days Of Awesome :)

The last two days have run into each other through sheer busyness, so here’s a double-banger.

Yesterday when I woke up I hopped on the scales and………..2.6 kilos down! Amazing!
I knew I had lost weight because I could feel a tiny but noticeable lack in the lumpiness on my saddlebags. (shudder)
I thought maybe I was just very enthusiastically looking for differences somewhere (ANYWHERE!!!!) and had prepared myself for another day of no weight-change. So, what a great surprise.
Yesterday I also discovered chow-mein, using mince and cabbage done in a dry stone frying pan. Fry off some garlic, onion and mince until a little bit caramelised, then scrape that yummy goodness off the bottom of the pan and chuck in a cup of water, bit of salt and two cups of cabbage. Cook it off til no water remains… totally delicious. I actually ate that twice yesterday, once with chicken instead of mince.

 This morning I weighed in to find another 400 gram loss- did a happy dance, and started packing. Today was a day in the big city. We live way out in the country, so prep for going into ‘town’ is quite a feat. Four kids and all their various car entertainment needs, water, and my lunch ready-made in a box to take. Drops in my purse. Bullet-proof.
What I packed in my lunchbox was simply delicious, and I had it for dinner too. Dry-fried chicken (golden and crunchy) tossed through baby spinach leaves with a dressing of lemon juice and garlic & herb salt. Best meal I’ve had yet.

I survived McDonalds with the kids, chocolate on special at the Warehouse, then fish and chips for tea. Yes, I know. But it’s the school holidays and it was an adventure day. Get off my case.
Well done me.

I’ve developed a coping strategy of keeping a list in the kitchen on which I write down all the foods I am tempted with, ready to indulge myself on the next loading days. This helps me to not feel deprived- I am just going to have ‘it’ later, that’s all 🙂
So far, after three days of phase 2, it looks like I’ll be buying half the supermarket confectionery aisle, most of the menu at McDonalds, and a good helping of old-fashioned baking treats at my next loading phase. (Brandy Snaps……ooooooooh)
Well, that should help with the fat reserves!

Having said all of that, I’ve realised that I absolutely LOVE eating the way I am on this protocol. It is so clean, and I feel great. Something I didn’t know and should have realised years ago is that I am severely allergic/intolerant to wheat/gluten. How that manifests itself is with intense lethargy and borderline depression. When I came off wheat a few months back, it was like waking up to how everyone else must feel all the time- and it was revelational. I went back to eating all the usual crapola over Christmas and boy did I pay for it. Weight-gain (normal for Christmas eating for anybody), extreme fatigue, fog-like brain and depression. This combination led to me being in bed for two days when we got home from our holiday. Wheat: I know you now. And I’m not letting you wreck my life anymore. Christmas was just confirmation that we should definitely get a divorce.


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