The Journey Has Started

Before I write another thing, I MUST acknowledge and thank my unbelievably self-less and supportive friend Jan. Because of her I am on this journey- and it’s my last one.

It’s my last one because I will not keep putting myself through the ever-lasting revolving doors of diets anymore. It’s not worth my mental health. If this doesn’t work, dammit, I’m staying fat and I’ll just dress well.

So this HCG diet is getting everything I’ve got. I must give it 100%, so that I know that I gave it my absolute best when I either fail (ie, no bitching and whining), or totally nail this thing and end up slim (Jennifer Aniston’s bum here I come. Wait, that sounded weird….)

I am currently on Day 1 of Phase Two. I killed the loading phase- but doesn’t everybody? No congratulations needed there- eat like a pig and you’ve done your job.

Day One has been pretty hard I must say. I was like a whining two year old by morning tea time. I’m huuuuuunnnnngrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
But I had my breakfast jug of water with half a lemon and a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar, and continued to chug water all morning to get my two litres in as fast as I could.
I had orange segments for morning tea, which is nothing short of a miracle as I do not eat fruit. I surprised myself by actually enjoying it. (Something about soggy school lunches turned me off fruit for the last thirty-something years and I’ve never been able to stomach it since.)

Lunch was a boiled chicken breast (can anyone say gross???Just the smell was completely disgusting) chopped through cucumber and tomatoes. 2 cups.

The afternoon made me want to eat my own arm off, but I made it to dinner by drinking lots and having my one serving of milk in a mid-afternoon-slump coffee. Best coffee I’ve had in ages.

Dinner was 100gms of steak cut through grilled eggplant. I seasoned the eggplant with a little dry stock. Not much. It sorta amazed me how yummy that was….

I’m thinking this HCG gig is a little of everything in the diet world: Food-combining, low-carb, low-fat, hormone boosted, low calorie….what ISN”T this diet? Even the loading days remind me of Atkins. Well, I’m a pro at all of those diets, knowing them inside and out. So lets see what the mega-combo can do for me. If it falls off as fast as my friend Jan says hers did, then that will be motivation enough to keep me in this.

I’ve subscribed to some pretty inspirational vlogs on youtube- HCGBlondeambition being the one that stands out. She had as much to lose as me, and now is tinier than I can believe- totally in line with Jennifer’s bum. Because she was a prolific vlogger, I can almost walk this journey through with her, step-by-step. She was very shy and unsure of herself just like me, so I figure I can do it.

So, this blog is an accountability forum for me. I need to near-obsess about a diet in order to make it to the end, so this is a manifestation of my obsession. Keeping focussed on my end-goal, watching others who JUST KEPT GOING, and also giving myself a marker to refer back to, to see how far I’ve come.

I’m not posting ‘before’ pics until the end. I just can’t do that to myself. The only pic I’ll have here is my face-

and possibly Jennifer Aniston’s bum.

Wish me luck.


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