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A Kick Up The You-Know-What

This is amazing. Robin has an HCG clinic which helps people in their hcg journey.
This video is a sneak-peek into a half-hour consultation which she does with every client before they start the protocol under her mentorship.
Although Robin (weightlossApocalypse on youtube) is very harsh at times in her manner, she speaks a lot of truth. And it’s truth I needed to hear.

This protocol is not for pussies. It is hard work, and you need to be prepared to do it. Even more than that, you need to understand some key things about the world around you (you will always be surrounded by gluttons) and decide now how you’re going to cope with that.

The mental back-side-kicking and then putting-back-together Robin does here is very constructive. And she knows what she’s talking about. She literally wrote the book about HCG dieting- totally updating, critiquing and explaining Dr Simeons initial studies. It’s called Weightloss Apocalypse.
A lot more information and scientific understanding of the HCG protocol has come out since he wrote his book. Even when he wrote it, Dr Simeon admitted that he didn’t know how or why certain things happened the way they did on his programme. That book explains those things and even strengthens the validity of his work, and the success of his protocol.

P.S. Another kilo down 🙂


My Motivating Inspiration

This video is of a girl I follow on youtube, username hcgblondeambition. She has a vlog.
She started out the same weight as me, so watching her lose weight, and knowing she pushed through all of her insecurities and fears to do it, inspires me greatly.
She did a great vlog about commitment, which really helped me to focus and get over myself 🙂

Powering Down….

It seems my blog will be updated every couple of days, instead of every day. That suits me better anyway, as I don’t really have a huge amount to say, and you’d get bored anyway 🙂

So be it.

Im starting to do two things: 1) see a difference in myself, and 2) feel like the honeymoon is over.

1) I’m feeling fantastic, and can see a definite change in my face and arms. That feels good, and is very motivating. I’m dressing better and even painting my nails! That’s funny for me, as I’m usually not all that interested in girly things. But it’s a good indicator that I’m feeling better about myself. When I start wearing make up everyday, that’s when you’ll know I’m totally kicking arse 🙂

2) But yes, the hard stuff has started to become a little more prevalent than I’d like. I’m getting a little obsessive about food, and fantasizing about pigging out. I’m still trying to be super-mum and baking for the kids, which is utter torture. But I don’t want them to miss out, so I am keeping the old routine. The honeymoon is definitely over though, because now I’ve started counting the days until phase 3, so I can eat more- and more variety. So I’m not as in love with you anymore hcg, but you can still keep powering my weight down if you wanna stick around.


Over the last two days I’ve lost another 900grams, and when you’re hooning down through the numbers like that, you are just not allowed to whinge. So today’s blog stops here 🙂

And we’re off!

As I had suspected, the stall was very temporary.

The next day I had a 400gm loss, and today another 600gms. So, a kilo in two days.

Im cool with that. 🙂


I’m loving the lack of hunger on this diet, and I’m drinking like a fish. I’ve discovered Alpine Tea (phew!), I’m satisfied with the food I’m eating, and I’m over the moon at the losses.


I’ve collected quite a collection of herbs and flavoured salts so far, and I actually look forward to all of my meals because they taste so great! It’s a wonderful thing to love your food.


However, my dream life betrays me. Last night I dreamt that I pigged out on brown sugar on toast (go figure) and felt so upset with myself that when I woke up and realized that I hadn’t crashed my diet I was quite relieved. Great impetus to continue onwards. I understand that if come off this before 18 days are up, that my hypothalamus won’t reset, and I do not want this whole protocol to be pointless. I want to lose those fat cells forever, and right now they are getting munched away. Forever. (goodbye you little buggers)



A stall already?

Yesterday I lost 800grams, and was super-stoked. Almost a kilo! Overnight! Unbelievably amazing weightloss speed. At this rate, I thought, I’ll be fitting my old sexy jeans in a few months! (let’s not mention that my old sexy jeans last fitted me sixteen years ago.)
Oops. 😉

I’m sticking to the protocols like glue (except for maybe a miniscule amount of vegetable oil that my garlic salt says it has in it. But I’ve been using that since the beginning, and I’ve had great losses each day) so it came as a real shock today to find no weight change.
I weighed in at EXACTLY what I weighed yesterday. I have my period today, so I’m guessing that must be it. My friend says I’ll probably find a good loss tomorrow, but I’m really not expecting much for the next week during this time. Keeping expectations low here. 🙂
If I stick to the protocol, then by the end of my period I should see a big drop that will get me to where I would have been anyway.
Flippin’ bloating 😦

I’ve forgotten to take my drops twice before meals today alone, and had to take them fifteen minutes afterwards. Must remember this! I get so busy looking after the kids that it’s hard to judge when 15 minutes before my lunch might be. One hundred and one interruptions can happen between making PB&J’s and actually starting on my own food.
So I’ve misjudged and even forgotten because of it. But i havent missed any yet, and i know I’ll get better.

Hopes are still high, and right now I weigh less than I did before I went away for Christmas. And that is very cool.

Just. Keep. Going.

Two Days Of Awesome :)

The last two days have run into each other through sheer busyness, so here’s a double-banger.

Yesterday when I woke up I hopped on the scales and………..2.6 kilos down! Amazing!
I knew I had lost weight because I could feel a tiny but noticeable lack in the lumpiness on my saddlebags. (shudder)
I thought maybe I was just very enthusiastically looking for differences somewhere (ANYWHERE!!!!) and had prepared myself for another day of no weight-change. So, what a great surprise.
Yesterday I also discovered chow-mein, using mince and cabbage done in a dry stone frying pan. Fry off some garlic, onion and mince until a little bit caramelised, then scrape that yummy goodness off the bottom of the pan and chuck in a cup of water, bit of salt and two cups of cabbage. Cook it off til no water remains… totally delicious. I actually ate that twice yesterday, once with chicken instead of mince.

 This morning I weighed in to find another 400 gram loss- did a happy dance, and started packing. Today was a day in the big city. We live way out in the country, so prep for going into ‘town’ is quite a feat. Four kids and all their various car entertainment needs, water, and my lunch ready-made in a box to take. Drops in my purse. Bullet-proof.
What I packed in my lunchbox was simply delicious, and I had it for dinner too. Dry-fried chicken (golden and crunchy) tossed through baby spinach leaves with a dressing of lemon juice and garlic & herb salt. Best meal I’ve had yet.

I survived McDonalds with the kids, chocolate on special at the Warehouse, then fish and chips for tea. Yes, I know. But it’s the school holidays and it was an adventure day. Get off my case.
Well done me.

I’ve developed a coping strategy of keeping a list in the kitchen on which I write down all the foods I am tempted with, ready to indulge myself on the next loading days. This helps me to not feel deprived- I am just going to have ‘it’ later, that’s all 🙂
So far, after three days of phase 2, it looks like I’ll be buying half the supermarket confectionery aisle, most of the menu at McDonalds, and a good helping of old-fashioned baking treats at my next loading phase. (Brandy Snaps……ooooooooh)
Well, that should help with the fat reserves!

Having said all of that, I’ve realised that I absolutely LOVE eating the way I am on this protocol. It is so clean, and I feel great. Something I didn’t know and should have realised years ago is that I am severely allergic/intolerant to wheat/gluten. How that manifests itself is with intense lethargy and borderline depression. When I came off wheat a few months back, it was like waking up to how everyone else must feel all the time- and it was revelational. I went back to eating all the usual crapola over Christmas and boy did I pay for it. Weight-gain (normal for Christmas eating for anybody), extreme fatigue, fog-like brain and depression. This combination led to me being in bed for two days when we got home from our holiday. Wheat: I know you now. And I’m not letting you wreck my life anymore. Christmas was just confirmation that we should definitely get a divorce.

The perfect bum

The perfect bum

I’m aiming for this look right here.

So here’s my motivation pic. I will be visiting this page often 🙂

Day 2, Phase Two.
Today I weighed in and had no loss- but that probably has everything to do with me changing scales- I upgraded to digital. So, a loss in translation between the two different sorts. Nevermind- I’m pretty happy with how that didn’t rock me, and I’m just going to keep going anyway even if there are small speedbumps like this one. I’m pretty used to clean-eating by now, after six months gluten-free and low-carb. So carrying on with this is going to just be an easy continuation of what I’ve already been doing- but with the added bonus of perhaps losing some weight 🙂
Low expectations = delight in even the smallest advances.

Today about morning tea time I experienced the lifting of all hunger, and even a surge of energy. I’ve found myself not wanting to sit down- rather I’ve been shifting furniture to create a different environment for myself. Funny 🙂 Found myself thinking that it won’t be so hard to do this for 21 days if the hunger is at this level. I’ve read about people finding hunger disappearing whilst on the drops. Looks like that’s also true of me. Win. 🙂

Food today was egg omelet with tomatoes and onions cut through it. Pretty yum. Thank goodness for stoneware frying pans! I’ve enjoyed a handful of strawberries for afternoon tea, and I look forward to another lot tonight as supper. Dinner will be zero-fat mince and lots of lettuce.

Hopefully tomorrow will show a loss.

The Journey Has Started

Before I write another thing, I MUST acknowledge and thank my unbelievably self-less and supportive friend Jan. Because of her I am on this journey- and it’s my last one.

It’s my last one because I will not keep putting myself through the ever-lasting revolving doors of diets anymore. It’s not worth my mental health. If this doesn’t work, dammit, I’m staying fat and I’ll just dress well.

So this HCG diet is getting everything I’ve got. I must give it 100%, so that I know that I gave it my absolute best when I either fail (ie, no bitching and whining), or totally nail this thing and end up slim (Jennifer Aniston’s bum here I come. Wait, that sounded weird….)

I am currently on Day 1 of Phase Two. I killed the loading phase- but doesn’t everybody? No congratulations needed there- eat like a pig and you’ve done your job.

Day One has been pretty hard I must say. I was like a whining two year old by morning tea time. I’m huuuuuunnnnngrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
But I had my breakfast jug of water with half a lemon and a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar, and continued to chug water all morning to get my two litres in as fast as I could.
I had orange segments for morning tea, which is nothing short of a miracle as I do not eat fruit. I surprised myself by actually enjoying it. (Something about soggy school lunches turned me off fruit for the last thirty-something years and I’ve never been able to stomach it since.)

Lunch was a boiled chicken breast (can anyone say gross???Just the smell was completely disgusting) chopped through cucumber and tomatoes. 2 cups.

The afternoon made me want to eat my own arm off, but I made it to dinner by drinking lots and having my one serving of milk in a mid-afternoon-slump coffee. Best coffee I’ve had in ages.

Dinner was 100gms of steak cut through grilled eggplant. I seasoned the eggplant with a little dry stock. Not much. It sorta amazed me how yummy that was….

I’m thinking this HCG gig is a little of everything in the diet world: Food-combining, low-carb, low-fat, hormone boosted, low calorie….what ISN”T this diet? Even the loading days remind me of Atkins. Well, I’m a pro at all of those diets, knowing them inside and out. So lets see what the mega-combo can do for me. If it falls off as fast as my friend Jan says hers did, then that will be motivation enough to keep me in this.

I’ve subscribed to some pretty inspirational vlogs on youtube- HCGBlondeambition being the one that stands out. She had as much to lose as me, and now is tinier than I can believe- totally in line with Jennifer’s bum. Because she was a prolific vlogger, I can almost walk this journey through with her, step-by-step. She was very shy and unsure of herself just like me, so I figure I can do it.

So, this blog is an accountability forum for me. I need to near-obsess about a diet in order to make it to the end, so this is a manifestation of my obsession. Keeping focussed on my end-goal, watching others who JUST KEPT GOING, and also giving myself a marker to refer back to, to see how far I’ve come.

I’m not posting ‘before’ pics until the end. I just can’t do that to myself. The only pic I’ll have here is my face-

and possibly Jennifer Aniston’s bum.

Wish me luck.